What Should Your Business Card Say?

Your business card is one of the smallest but potent methods of advertising. Instead of looking at your business card as just another piece of paper, you should look at it as a valuable marketing tool.

Just as you would take care to carefully craft a business brochure, your business card deserves the same amount of thought.

Details, Details…

Your business card should include all your details, such as your name and designation, business name, address, contact numbers and email address and your website address. If you have not yet developed a logo for your business, then get one designed and printed.

Logos play an important role in associating your business, and companies such as Nike and Adidas have benefited tremendously from developing well-known logos. If you have a company slogan, then you can print it at the top of your card. The background design and material of your business card should also be in tune with your business.

Design Matters

For example, if you sell wallpaper, then you can print any wallpaper design on the background, and your business card can be given a textured finish. Your business card should also mention or indicate the types of products or services that your small business has to offer. Keep your design innovative and original. Use different colors if required, but keep it tasteful and pleasing to the eye.

Don't put too much information on your card — this will only make the card look cluttered and will distract potential customers. Keep the back of the card blank so that customers can write down any additional information about you or your company.

Once you've designed a good business card, hand them out generously - and watch this small wonder go to work in your customers' pockets!