5 Reasons Why People Refuse To Accept Change

As time moves on, it is imperative that you make some changes. This is especially true in the business world. Sadly, many people do not welcome change and insist on continuing as they are, even when it is apparent that change is sorely needed.

1. Fear. Most people are happy in the situation that they are in. In fact, they often presume that making a change could turn out to be worse than they had been expecting.

This is basically fear of the unknown. When not conquered, it keeps people stuck in low paying jobs or a running a small business that might not be doing very well.

2. Assumptions. People assume many negative things when they think about making a change. They think that they might not be able to settle down in a new office, might not be able to get along with new employees, or might not get enough business in a new location.

If you have done your research well, then there is no reason to assume anything negative. Assume the best until and unless you are shown otherwise.

3. Time. Many small business owners are willing to accept change - but might think that the time is not yet right for the step.

Unfortunately, this is a symptom of procrastination. In its most pervasive form, it results in nothing getting done.

4. Trust. As a small business owner, you might not be ready to trust anyone who is advising them to change.

The point is — if a suggestion is made by someone, consider the source. It they are a credible professional, colleague or family member, you would do well to at least consider their advice.

5. History. Entrepreneurs not wanting to change might cite examples from the past to prove their point.

They might point to previous ideas that have not succeeded, and convince themselves that history will repeat itself if they go ahead with the change.

Refusal to accept change is a small business owner's worst enemy. Change is a part of life — you can either accept it, or watch as your business slowly fades into the irrelevancy.