5 Email Management Tips for Your Small Business

If you want your business to keep up with the changing times, then it is essential that you have a regular interaction with your clients and your suppliers by email.

Here are 5 tips that can help you to manage your email effectively.

Keep a Regular Check on Your Email Account

You should check your email regularly. This will help you in retrieving all your received messages and acting on them immediately.

There is no point in advertising your email address and then ignoring the messages.

Create Different Folders

You can create different folders in your account so that you can attend to them according to their priority.

Keep separate folders for complaints, orders and inquiries, and attend to them in order of urgency. Avoid unwanted emails by utilizing a spam filter.

Have a Dedicated Time Slot for Answering Emails

If you are busy throughout the day, then keep 2 or 3 slots open during the day when you cannot be disturbed and sit down to answer to all your email.

This will help you to concentrate on replying, and you will avoid costly mistakes when quoting rates or delivery schedules. You can also send out emails to any prospective clients during this time.

Keep a Record of all Email

You should maintain a record of all your received and sent emails. This is because if a dispute should arise, you will still have all your messages on hand.

Send all unwanted emails to the trash to reduce clutter.

Keep a List of All Senders and Receivers

Keep the auto save function on so that your email addresses will be saved. This will help you in creating a directory of all your email contacts, and help you to identify email senders and recipients quickly.

Follow the above tips and keep the online aspect of your business as efficient as your offline one. Times are changing - and so should you.