How to Make Participating in Tradeshows Pay Off

Tradeshows are a great way to get some much-need exposure for your small business.

Although some tradeshows can be expensive to participate in, the benefits will far outweigh the expense if you do your marketing properly.

Make an Impressive Brochure

At a tradeshow, having an informative brochure is very important. You should have a colorful brochure designed with your company history, product information and a list of achievements or milestones mentioned inside. You should staple your business card on the top.

You can also attach a list of testimonials of some of your clients with their contact details so that the prospective clients can cross-check them.

Give Out Promotional Gift Items

If you are attending a tradeshow, you have to have lots of promotional items on hand.

You can hand out coffee mugs, key rings or even pens during the tradeshow, so that they are used by your prospective clients on a regular basis.

You can even combine 2 or 3 items in a small bag so that at least 1 item remains in their line of sight at any given time.

Contact Your Prospective Clients

When you hand out your promotional items to prospective customers at the show, make sure you take down the contact details of those people. You can then start contacting them through phone, sales letters or through email.

You can also send them your company newsletter on a regular basis after the tradeshow is over.

Attending a tradeshow can be an expensive and tiring, yet highly rewarding affair. Make the most of it by following the tips above.