The Advantages of Starting a Small Business in Retirement

If you have been working in a company for a long time and are approaching retirement age, don’t worry you can still be involved in business and be productive.

If you have the will, there are many advantages that you have over others if you decide to start your own small business. Here are some of those advantages.


The biggest advantage you have is experience. You will be able to avoid falling into many of the traps that younger and less experienced businesspeople might find themselves in.

As a result, the time it takes for you to start and set up your business could be greatly reduced.


You will command more respect in your market due to your age and your experience. A younger person would require lots of time to command respect - but you can attain that respect from the first day you begin operations.

Management Skills

Your previous work experience has probably given you the knowledge you need to deal with employees and delegate work. You probably also know how to get the best out of them.

Your employees will be wary of trying to pull a fast one on you, as they might have done if you were young and inexperienced.

Flexible Work Hours

If you have health problems or you want to enjoy some of your retirement time, then you can be a bit flexible when it comes to the hours you actually work.

Choose a business which is suited for your age and agility.


Along with experience, you also have developed a network of strong connections that you can utilize to your advantage.

Get in touch with old colleagues, bosses and vendors. Use them as a ready-made customer base for your new small business.

Use the above points to your advantage - and get your new small business off to a flying start. By starting a business that you enjoy, you can spend the golden years of your life in a fun and profitable way.