Make Your Business Look Professional

While in the online world having a website can make you look like a legitimate business, there are a few more things you need to do to make sure you have the complete look of a fully operational company.

If you ever plan to promote your business, either in person or through mailings or other means, you need to have a professional appearance.

Business Cards and Stationary

These are essential pieces of paper. Any correspondence you send relating to your company should be sent on company letterhead. This gives your small business a more professional appearance than just a regular piece of paper stuffed into an envelope would.

At meetings you want to hand out professional-looking business cards.

When you are having your stationery designed, make sure to put your website address and phone number on everything, as this is how customers are going to find you.

Business Phone Line

Whether it's a landline or on your cell phone, make sure your phone is answered in an appropriate and professional manner at all times.

You should have a dedicated line for your business, if possible. If you are using a phone that is used for personal reasons as well, err on the side of professionalism - always answer as if it were a business call until you know otherwise.

Can You Talk Business?

You should know how to talk about your company and present it to anyone you encounter in a business environment. Practice an 'elevator speech' (1-2 minutes) about your company that you can use to tell someone about your business.

For people to take your company seriously, you have to make sure it has a professional look. Use the tips above to do just that.