What to Look For in a Business Tax Attorney

There is no point in running your small business with the IRS hot on your tail on a regular basis. You need to employ a business tax attorney that will not only file your taxes on time and every time, but can also help to save you money at the end of each year.

Here are some things to look for in a business tax attorney.

Look at the Attorney's Qualifications

Your attorney should have received specific training in tax law. He or she should have current updates in mind when filing your taxes or advising you on legal methods to save money.

Experience Matters

Your tax attorney should have the requisite experience in handling tax matters for similar-sized businesses.

He or she should not be too busy in handling small clients, and should not leave you at the mercy of an inexperienced assistant.

Check Out Those References

Ask your prospective tax attorney for references - and make it a point to cross-check them. Ask those references if they are happy with the attorney's level of service.

Cross-check companies that are similar in size and nature to your own in order to make a reliable assessment.

Your Attorney Must Be Efficient

Your tax attorney should be able to work with your best interests in mind. He or she should be very efficient in filing your tax returns and in solving any other tax-related problems.

Your attorney should become familiar with your accounting history in short order, since this will save a lot of your time as well as theirs.

Make sure that any fees you pay to the attorney also cover assisting you in case of an audit.