How to Handle Merchandise Returns

If you are running a small retail business, then you are aware that store returns are a part of life.

However, the manner in which you handle these returns can determine the future of your relationship with your customers.

Here are some tips on how to handle returns.

Make Your Return Policy Clear

Ensure that your store return policy is clearly mentioned on your invoices and also posted prominently.

Instruct your employees to explain the policy to your customers, in case they are not able to fully comprehend any aspects of your return policy.

If you will not accept any returns during a sale, then mention it in clearly so there are no misunderstandings later.

Keep the Return Procedure Smooth

Keep your cool when dealing with angry customers that might have a complaint about one of your products.

Don't allow yourself to get drawn into arguments. Rather, handle each issue on a priority basis to defuse the situation as soon as possible.

Your employees should be familiar with the return process so that it can be handled as quickly as possible.

Take Swift Action

If a product needs to be replaced, then make sure that the customer receives a replacement within the shortest possible time.

If a refund has to be made, then do so immediately so that the process isn't stretched out over a long period of time. If this happens, it will only agitate your customer even further and affect your business reputation negatively.

If you want the relationship with your customers to prosper over the long term, it is essential that you have a clear return policy in place and that you execute all returns quickly.