How to Negotiate a Business Deal over a Business Meal

Negotiating a business deal over a business meal is not only a good way to save precious time, but it can also create a personal bond with your client.

In addition to your selling skills, it is essential to polish up your social skills too, as illustrated by the following tips.

Plan in Detail

If you can obtain details of the likes and dislikes of your client, then book your table in a restaurant that you know your client would love.

Ensure that your table is well away from the hustle-and-bustle of the kitchen or aisle so that you can talk and eat in privacy.

The restaurant should have a peaceful atmosphere and comfortable seating arrangements along with excellent food.

Re-Confirm Your Booking

You should re-confirm your booking on the day of your appointment with the restaurant and your client.

You should also reach the location before your client to make sure that everything is in order. You can also confirm with the server that you will be paying the bill.

Do Not Jump Into Negotiations

Engage in some small talk to make your client feel relaxed before you get down to business.

Depending on the nature of your business and the expected length of your negotiations, you can either start your business discussion during the main course or wait until you order dessert.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Even if your client drinks alcohol, you should stay away from it, or consume a minimum quantity in order to concentrate at the task on hand.

Negotiating business deals over business meals is a very old tradition. If planned and handled correctly, then you can ensure that you have a client for life.