Small Business Advertising 101

When many people think about marketing, they are thinking about advertising.

Advertising your products and services can be an effective way to get the word out, but it can also be expensive (and, frankly, a waste of money for many home-based businesses).

Here are a few mediums that will help your small business get noticed:

  • Business directories: Business directories are another good way to get the word out about your company, as long as your potential clients and customers are likely to see your listing.

    Most directories have traditionally been available in printed form, but an increasing number are now found on the Internet.

    With just a few mouse clicks, your clients-to-be will be able to find out more about your company and discover what it has to offer them.
  • Website: Creating a Web site to market your business and its products and services is a must for most businesses today, small and large.

    The good news is that starting up and maintaining a Web site is easier and less expensive than ever.
  • Online Advertising: Although banner advertisements have long been the standard method for advertising businesses on the Web, a relatively new innovation is taking hold: targeted advertising on search engines such as Google (in Google's case, called AdWords), geared to specific keyword searches.

    Relative to print, radio, and TV ads (which are quite expensive), Website advertisements are a bargain. Better yet is getting links to your site from as many other high-traffic Web sites as you can.

Effective advertising is essential, especially for small business. Take advantage of the methods above, and you'll soon see your bottom line improve dramatically.