Free Online Tools for Your Small Business

Starting a small business can be an expensive endeavor. For this reason, it is important that you cut costs in any area that you can.

There are many free small business tools available online that can help you cut costs. These tools can help you market yourself, organize your business and communicate with potential clients and employees.

Marketing Tools

Vista Prints offers an abundance of business products that can help you operate and market your business.

Although the free deals on Vista Prints change from week to week, they always have freebies available.

Freebies on Vista Prints range from business cards to rubber stamps. They also have marketing tools like t-shirts and car magnets.

You can also get started in the email marketing trend and market your business in new ways. Try the free version of MailerMailer, a popular email marketing software.

This is a fast and easy do-it-yourself service that allows you to send out email newsletters to your opt-in email list. You can even collect subscribers through your website with a button they provide each account holder.

Organizational Tools

Google has an abundance of free business tools that you can use to get yourself organized.

This giant search engine has an online calendar that you can share with employees, friends, family and customers.

Google docs allows you to share documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Plus, you can start a company blog free using Blogger through your Gmail account.

Communication Tools

The two best free communication tools online are Skype and Free Conference Call. Skype allows you to communicate with clients and employees for free if they have Skype.

If you have virtual employees, this is an excellent tool for communicating. is the ideal way to have a meeting with virtual employees, potential clients or business associates.

You can also record and playback your online conferences for free. The free conferencing line given to you by this website is available to you 24/7.

Use the above tools to get your small business going. In the world of small business, some of the best tools really are free!