3 Great Small Business Tips for Moms

Many moms dream of the day they can work from home or run their own small business. Running a small business from your home when you have children can be a difficult task.

However, it also gives you the freedom and flexibility to be home with your children and care for your family. To be successful at both simultaneously requires skill and planning.

Here are 3 great tips for raising your family and running a business all at the same time:

  1. When you run your small business from your home office it is important to have a dedicated work space.

    Naturally, not everyone has a room they can designate as their office. However, it is important to have an area in which your desk, files and phone can be kept and used.

    That space should be quiet and organized.
  2. Keeping a time schedule is an important part of running a small business from home successfully.

    When you have kids you need to make sure you have time blocks set aside to make business calls in quiet. If your children are younger, this may be nap time - if they are older, it may be during school hours.

    Some moms schedule play dates with other 'mompreneurs' to trade quiet time with them.
  3. Make sure your kids don't feel neglected.

    If your children are starving for attention they will act out in an effort to get your attention. Schedule time to just be a mom during the day.

Running your household smoothly and raising your kids is just as important as your business. In fact, that is the primary reason many women become 'mompreneurs'!