Joining the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau was created in 1912. While some mistakenly think that it is a government agency, it is not. It is a private organization whose aim is to help consumers be treated fairly.

The Better Business Bureau is more than just a place consumers can call to check up on local businesses. It's also an organization that small businesses can join in order to help build a strong reputation in their communities.

Membership With Benefits

Whether or not you join, consumers will be able to learn whether your small business has any complaints and whether or not the complaints were satisfactorily resolved.

Becoming a member allows you to enjoy some benefits such as marketing assistance, help with disputes and the right to display the Better Business Bureau logo.

There is an annual fee required to be a member, and the amount varies depending on your location.

More important than the fees, however, are the standards that must be upheld in order to be a Better Business Bureau member.

Getting Accepted

Not all small businesses that apply for membership are accepted. The bureau demands that its customer service policies are followed. Also, when you apply for membership, a background check will be conducted on your business.

If you operate your business with integrity and are properly licensed, you will likely be accepted for membership. That membership will help your customers and potential customers feel more at ease, especially when they are doing business with you for the first time.

The fact that your business is a member of the Better Business Bureau will give them one more reason to trust that they will be treated fairly. And trust is always good for business.