Should Your Employees Telecommute?

More and more employees are taking advantage of telecommuting. This allows the employee to work at home - and it can work well in many situations.

If you have not considered offering this option to your employees, now may be the perfect time due to the high cost of gas.

Not everyone is a good candidate for telecommuting. Some administrative personnel, such as receptionists who greet visiting clients, are needed in the office. Still others, such as account payable and receivable clerks, can work just as easily from a home office.

You will need to evaluate each position individually to decide whether or not it is suited to telecommuting. You will need to do the same with each employee.

Just as every position is not a good match for telecommuting, neither is every employee.
Self-motivation is an important quality that must be present. Also, only reliable and trustworthy employees are good candidates for telecommuting.

Here are some tips to ensure a positive telecommuting experience for both your small business and your employees.

  • Employees Should Be Available By Phone During Working Hours
  • Other than lunch and scheduled breaks, they should answer when you call.

  • Telecommuters Should Be In The Office At Least Once A Week
  • This helps ensure they maintain a relationship with other employees and gives an opportunity for any necessary face to face meetings.

  • You Should Own The Equipment Telecommuters Use At Home
  • Rather than putting sensitive information about your business on the employee's family computer, it is best to purchase a computer that is only for the use of the employee for business purposes.

    You should also pay for the employee to install a dedicated telephone line.

Telecommuting can work well for both employee and employer as long as both the position and the employee are well suited for it.