Getting Your Small Business Involved in the Community

Finding ways for your small business to get involved in the community can help motivate employees and it can be good for business too.

When you and your small business are active participants in the community, the name of your business can become well known, and you will be thought of highly by members of city council as well as by other small business owners in your area.

Time and Money

Community involvement does not necessarily mean making large monetary donations. Instead, donations of time are just as valuable.

Consider sending a team of employees to the next Habitat for Humanities build that takes place in your area. Or, you could select a local charity to sponsor during the holiday season.

When employees come to you with an idea about a specific charity that they would like to help, do your best to find some way for your business to help that charity.

Obviously, you may not be able to help every charity that is brought to you as a suggestion, but if you can act on an employee's request, that can do wonders to boost morale - and make the employee feel like an important part of the team whose suggestions are taken seriously.

Make Your Time Count

There are lots of ways that you can help your community without spending a lot of money.

  • Hold a toy or food drive
  • Spend an afternoon with some employees working in an elderly neighbor's home
  • Make monthly or bi-monthly visits to a local nursing home or children's hospital

There lots of opportunities in every community for such giving. Find ways to become actively involved in YOUR community today.