Hiring Older Workers

Many small business owners have found that hiring older workers is a decision that is good for their business.

Experience Counts

Retired workers are often more reliable and competent workers and they bring to your business years of experience. Even if they never worked in your exact field, they have real world experience that can be invaluable to many businesses.

If you do find an older worker who does have experience in your field, you will probably be able to glean valuable knowledge and get some sound advice that you can then apply to your business.

Typically, older workers are much more aware of the value of good customer service. They remember the days when customers were treated with respect.

Also, they are from a generation that did not think it was acceptable to show up to work late, or not show up at all.

Cost Savings

Older workers are less likely to spend work hours surfing the internet, sending text messages and downloading tunes to their MP3 players.

This is not to say that all younger workers are slackers, but older workers tend to be more conscious of how they spend their time at work.

Most of the time older workers will not require health insurance, which will save you the cost of insurance for that worker.

Also, because many are retired, they are a good choice for part-time positions as they are less likely to ask you for more hours every month.

Older workers make great employees. Take a chance on hiring one, and you will most likely find it to be wise decision.