With the end of the year around the corner, now is a wonderful time to start thinking about your plans for 2009.  The economy isn't doing very well and there is a lot of concern about how businesses will fare.  That's where a good plan will put you past your competition.

Think about how we plan major events in our lives.  To make any event a success you need a well thought out plan.  When I got married, my fiancee (now my wife of many years) and I spent countless hours on every single detail, even the dimmer switch settings in the reception hall (lighting is critical in creating the right mood).  Many of our friends commented on how organized everything was, including the table centerpieces, place settings, the timing of the speeches, everything.  It didn't just happen by accident.  We planned it all out in advance and put our friends and family in charge of various tasks on the wedding day.

What if we planned other things with as much detail as we plan major events like weddings?

In my ebook on writing a business plan, I make it a point to stress how critical planning is for your life, not just for your business.  Granted lots of things happen along the way that take you off course, but that's what course corrections are for.  If you already have a written business plan, this would be an ideal time to revisit it and accommodate for a tough economic climate.

Make your December "to do" list today. Plan well and I'm sure it will involve more than traveling and shopping.