Children at Work?

A local theater company in Virginia allows all office employees to bring their children - of all ages - to work with them whenever the need arises.

This may sound crazy, but it has worked well for them. Could it work for your business?


Do you have space for the children to be in the office? If your workers are already cramped into tiny offices, then it probably isn't feasible that they try to cram their children in there as well.

A Separate Place

An alternative to the children staying with the parents is to have a room set aside as an activity room.

Obviously, this will only work if the children are old enough to be left on their own.

Number of Employees

Another thing to keep in mind when considering allowing employees to bring their children to work is the number of employees that you have.

This could work great for small businesses with less than 10 employees, but could be mass chaos in a business with a lot of employees.


Before allowing children to be at the office, check with your insurance provider to be sure that you would be covered in the case that a child was hurt on the property.

Permanent Day Care

More and more employers are making the decision to provide on-site day care. This is not an inexpensive undertaking, but it is a huge perk that many employees will find impossible to leave behind, even for a job that pays more.

Allowing children at work will not be possible for every business.

For those that can do it, however, it is a way to help meet the needs of your employees while providing them with a benefit that will be hard for another employer to beat.