How to Find Employees Without Spending a Fortune

Finding employees can be an expensive undertaking. Job fairs and newspaper and online ads can be pricey.

But if you need to find employees on a tight budget, there are options for you.

Craig's List

Many are still a bit leery about posting a position on Craig's List, but it is a free service and many businesses have found the perfect employee through the site.

Simply list your position and applicants can respond via email or, if you prefer, telephone.

There is also a section where job seekers can post their resume. Unlike other sites such as Monster and Career Builder, you can search these resumes at no charge.

Employment Commission

Another option is to list your job at your states employment commission. This is an especially good option if you need to hire several employees.

Keep in mind that there are some rules about types of jobs that can be listed with the employment commission, but most positions will meet the requirements.

Word of Mouth

This is one of the best ways to find employees without spending a dime.

This is especially true in these tough economic times where many people are losing their jobs.

Just be careful to still screen potential employees just as you would if they had not received such a glowing recommendation.

Some businesses spend thousands of dollars to find a new employee. Hopefully, the tips above will help you find the talent you need without having to break the bank.