How To Write Effective Sales Copy

In today's challenging economic environment, writing good, effective sales copy is more important than ever.

Never done that before? Here's a simple formula that will help you write copy that converts into sales.

Develop a Good Headline

If you want your prospects and customers to read your ad, you need to understand the importance of developing a good headline.

Studies prove that customers read the headline first - and then decide if the rest of the ad is worth their time.

If the headline is not interesting or relevant, customers will simply ignore the entire ad and move on.

Come Up With a Good Offer

The entire purpose of writing sales copy is to get the customer to take action - to purchase your product or submit their information so that you can market to them later.

Usually, effective sales copy includes something promised free or for a limited time - along with the product. You should repeat the offer throughout the body of the sales copy.

Underneath the offer, state what you want your customers to do and how they should do it. For example, include a 'buy now' button.

Explain Product Details and the USP

Make sure to present all the benefits, features and details of the product in the sales copy. Mention the USP (unique selling point), the unique benefit the customer stands to gain by making a purchase.

Keep It Clean

It may be tempting, but avoid saying negative things about your competition. If your product is good and the copy is compelling, it will speak for itself.