Should Your Office Have a Dress Code?

So many small business owners have said that they will never implement a dress code in their office.

However, as the business grows, they find that doing so becomes necessary.

Public Contact

The most important reason that a dress code may be necessary is if employees working in your office can be seen by clients or potential clients.

While you don't need to demand suits and ties, you do want your employees to look professional.

Employee Distraction

If employees are dressing in a manner that is distracting to other employees such as micro miniskirts or low-cut tops, it may be time to put a dress code in writing.

The Sooner the Better

It is much easier to hire an employee and explain the dress code up front than it is to try and institute a dress code once the employee has been working for you for a while.

The sooner you decide on a dress code the better.


There is a distinct possibility that one or more of your employees will be unhappy with your decision to implement a dress code.

Be sure when you present the policy that you are careful not to make anyone feel targeted. Granted, that is going to be tough if there is only one micro miniskirt wearer, but do your best.

There is no need to say "other employees complained about what someone was wearing..." This will only cause conflict among your staff.

After the initial grumbling, most employees will easily fall in line with the new policy and your office will look more professional for it.