My team has a blast running our web sites.  Each site has its own unique personality and enables us to unleash our creativity and utilize our skills.  Our small business site,, is a favorite among start-ups and currently gets over 10,000 unique visitors per day.  Most seek out sample marketing plans, business plans and other guides to help start a company.  Others seek advice that is more specific to their situation.

morebusiness answers

To help, we are putting together an "Ask the Expert" section where small business owners and budding entrepreneurs can submit specific questions and get usable answers without the expert pitching his or her consulting services.

Each week, or every few days depending upon how many questions we get, we will pick one or two to showcase on this blog.  Suggestion: the more specific the question, the better the chance of it being profiled (i.e., it is unlikely we will respond to "How do I start a business?" - answer: read our Start-Up section).

Do you have a business issue that is keeping you up at night?  Fill out our contact form and we'll try to help with expert business advice!