Do you have valuable knowledge that has helped you become a successful individual or business owner? There are millions of people in the world looking to gain knowledge and hone their skills to become successful like you. With the knowledge you have gained over the years, you can continue earning money and enhancing your professional skills. Here are three practical ways that you can make money using only the knowledge that you already have.

Become a Consultant

Consulting is growing in popularity. People use consultants for all types of endeavors, ranging from solving a difficult problem to mediating a dispute or revising a program. If you have strong communication and organization skills, coupled with specialized knowledge in a particular area, then consulting might be a lucrative endeavor for you. Start exploring your potential in the consulting arena by making a list of your areas of expertise. Then, look for ways to apply that expertise in conjunction with other business owners. For example, if you owned a small business that was acquired by a larger company, then you may be an expert on mergers and acquisitions. You could easily become a consultant in this area.

Write a Book or eBook

If you have specialized knowledge in a particular area and solid writing skills, then you might succeed in transforming your existing knowledge into cash by writing a book or ebook. In order to succeed in making this work for you, it is important that you are both knowledgeable and passionate about your subject matter. Consider producing a series of "how to" guides, step-by-step instruction manuals, or Q & A articles as part of your exploration of your potential for success as a writer. You can sell these articles online or share them with other business owners who may be looking for information and ideas.

Network with Others

Using your existing skills and knowledge, you can make money by networking with other people. You might find other professionals with complementary skill sets to partner with you as a consultant or contribute to your book. Networking is also a great way to drum up new business and create a referral system.