We've updated our business planning ebook, now entitled The Naked Business Plan, to help aspiring entrepreneurs plan a business.  Here is today's news release:


The Naked Business Plan eBook takes an innovative approach to writing a business plan that is not only effective, but fun. This free resource from MoreBusiness.com incorporates proven advice, engaging exercises, and examples to help all entrepreneurs focus on the core of their business.

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) August 5, 2009 - Aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs now have a free resource to make their business plan writing simple - and even fun. MoreBusiness.com has released a new eBook, The Naked Business Plan, to help entrepreneurs effectively plan a business of their dreams. This step-by-step guide provides proven advice, illustrative examples, and powerful exercises that are geared to help entrepreneurs focus on the core and foundational strategy of their business concepts.

The Naked Business Plan
The Naked Business Plan

The Naked Business Plan eBook strips business planning down to the basics in order to create a simple, yet extremely useful business plan. From comprehensive questions that help you specifically pinpoint your customer base to strategies on how to really "shop" your competition, this eBook helps every entrepreneur translate concepts into reality. Inside this eBook, readers will find valuable tips on how to plan a business, including:

- Setting tangible goals and milestones
- Creating a powerful elevator speech
- Precisely defining your target customer base
- Intelligently understanding your competition
- Articulately structuring the core of your business plan
- And much more!

"Our new eBook is filled with proven exercises, illustrative examples, and useful advice to help entrepreneurs clearly define their goals and action plan," says author and CEO Raj Khera, "Better yet, this free eBook goes beyond the cold numbers to help any entrepreneur plan a business with his or her life ambitions in mind."

Thanks to The Naked Business Plan eBook, business plan writing is no longer a theoretical concept peppered with complicated financial models. Instead, this publication speaks to entrepreneurs who want to plan a business to realize their dreams and fulfill their potential. Through effective, hands-on exercises, readers can instantly practice what they have read - which translates into a more engaging, effective business plan writing experience.

After reading this resource, entrepreneurs will be able to plan a business based upon strategic action items that will help them reach either goals. By downloading this free eBook, readers will also receive a free business plan template, along with a variety of exercises to prepare you to plan a business successfully.

The Naked Business Plan eBook can be downloaded for free at: http://www.planabusiness.com/