Have you been operating a business from your home with great success? Does it seem like you are outgrowing your space? When is the right time to move into a corporate office?

These are questions that many small business owners face. The following signs are indications that you might need to take your home-based business into a full-fledged corporate venture.

Normal family functions are beginning to interrupt business functions

If you are conducting a high volume of work from home, it might interfere with some things that would be considered "normal" family functions. For example, if your child is in high school and needs to use the computer to do homework, they may need to interrupt you in the home office to accomplish this. This indicates a need for a separate family computer and a business computer. It might also be a sign that you are outgrowing your home space and need to go corporate.

You have numerous employees working from your home

This is a sign that you may be ready for a corporate office. Employees need their own space and the flexibility to get work done as needed. It might be uncomfortable or inconvenient to have them dropping by your house at all hours of the day and night. The number of employees you have, as well as the volume of work they are handling, will influence this factor. When it starts to become disruptive or inconvenient, now may be the time to move into a corporate office.

You have an excess of supplies and inventory cluttering up the house

Depending on the nature of your business, you may be ordering supplies and inventory items on a regular basis. If your home does not feature adequate storage for such items, it might be time to consider getting into a more feasible work space. This means a corporate office with adequate storage for your supplies and inventory items.

The transition from home-based work to a corporate office may be intimidating, but in the long run, it might actually improve the productivity of your work and the quality of your results.