Welcome to The Small Business Daily Buzz. This blog will help you get more business. After all, it's published by morebusiness.com, one of the leading web sites for start-ups and small businesses.

So, who's behind the site? Me, I'm Buzz. I've started, built, and sold small businesses and have a few things I can share with you to help you get your company off the ground and in the black. I'm a pretty laid back guy with a family who puts up with me working very odd hours, stopping for dinner and tucking the kids into bed, then getting back on the computer to crank out proposals and do the books. Occasionally, you might find me wearing a tie, but only if I have a meeting with someone else who wears ties.

This blog is a daily supplement, yeah like a vitamin, to the morebusiness.com web site. My goal is to help you, a fellow entrepreneur, get that edge you need to overcome the wall of obstacles you face as you start and grow your company. I've been there. I've stepped in a lot of potholes, among other objects you discover only after you step in them. If I can give you some insight to avoid a big mistake, close a strategic deal, or put a smile on your face during one of those “I can't keep doing this for no money” mornings, then I've done my job.

I hope you tell your business acquaintances and friends about this blog and that you come back frequently to read it. Take care and all the best in growing your business!

- Buzz